Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Best Medicine For Coughing

Oh my god!!! This cough is really disturbing me for almost 2 weeks. It's started when my mom got the same disease like I do. It's getting worse at night. I couldn't stop cough, even my tears also come out. I haven't see the doctor yet. Because I want to cure it by myself. If it's getting even worse than before, I'll go see the doctor. What is the best medicine for cough?

I read on one of the website, it said that Honey is better than cough syrup. Honey is natural's cough medicine. Honey did a better job of reducing the severity and frequency of night-time coughs. And it said that Honey actually performed better than any cough medicine.  

Well, that's what they said. If you have any information about cough medicine, please tell me immediately, ok? Like is there any kind of food that I should avoid? It can be anything. Thanks!

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